About Us

Clean Energy Works connects champions of energy efficiency and renewable energy with resources that accelerate investment in clean energy solutions. Our work on financing energy efficiency in buildings won a Fire Award for high-impact innovation at the Bloomberg New Energy Finance 2015 Future of Energy Summit, and the idea of harnessing the strength and scale of utilities to attract and deploy capital for cost effective clean energy solutions won a top award from the Climate Strategies Accelerator in 2017. Pay As You Save for Clean Transport was selected by the Global Lab for Climate Finance as a top finance instrument in 2018.

Clean Energy Works focuses on business plan development for utilities that are using PAYS® to update their investment model for the 21st century. We promote competitive, market-based approaches that clear barriers for entrepreneurs with innovative solutions and spur new job opportunities. We also provide advisory services to policy-makers, public interest groups, and companies interested in rapidly scaling up investment in clean energy solutions.

Dr. Holmes Hummel

Clean Energy Works was founded by Dr. Holmes Hummel  to accelerate investments in the clean energy economy with inclusive financing. As the champion for the Pay As You Save (PAYS) system, Dr. Hummel led Clean Energy Works to win the FiRe Award for high-impact innovation at the Bloomberg New Energy Finance “Future of Energy Summit.” Dr. Hummel also serves on the board of Cornerstone Capital as well as Cleantech Open. Previously, Dr. Hummel served as the Senior Policy Advisor in the Department of Energy’s Office of Policy & International Affairs from 2009-2013. In addition to prior work with energy innovators in the Silicon Valley, Dr. Hummel earned a doctorate degree from Stanford University for interdisciplinary research on energy technology scenarios that achieve 100% clean energy for all.



Vien Truong

vientruongVien Truong was appointed in July 2015 as the National Director of Green For All, having been an early architect of the organization’s state policy and workforce efforts. Vien returns to Green For All after serving as the environmental equity director of the Greenlining Institute, a public policy group that works to empower disadvantaged groups. Vien has received congressional, state, regional and local awards for her work on behalf of low-income communities and communities of color. Those include the San Francisco Chronicle’s “Top Women Leaders”, Urban Habitat’s “Movement Builder” and Oxfam America’s “Act Local, Think Global” Awards. Vien served on the City of Oakland’s Planning Commission, helping guide the development of her hometown. Her experience includes working with California Senator Joe Simitian and clerking with Chief Magistrate Larson at the San Francisco Federal District Court She has a B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley and a J.D. from the University of California Hastings College of the Law.

Trenton Allen

trentonallenTrenton Allen, Managing Director and CEO of Sustainable Capital Advisors, is an experienced energy and banking professional with nearly 20 years and $18 billion in transaction experience. Mr. Allen has financed a wide range of infrastructure projects including, water, wastewater, energy efficiency, fossil and renewable energy for utility, business and governmental clients. Mr. Allen is a frequent speaker at major energy conferences and is widely regarded as a thought leader in the financing of clean energy projects. Mr. Allen is passionate about energy security and creating solutions that provide energy access to underserved communities around the world.

Elizabeth Bonitz

Ms. Bonitz has served as the Secretary of the Board for the Dolphin Foundation, Inc. since its inception in 2001. The Dolphin Foundation is dedicated to advancing equity and opportunity, particularly in the Southern states of the U.S., and it has encouraged the work of community-based champions for energy justice and a clean energy economy. The Dolphin Foundation provided Clean Energy Works with its founding grant. Ms. Bonitz is a twice National Board Certified educator distinguished in her field for leading the development of the first dual language program in a rural North Carolina public school. Previously, she has served as Vice-President on the board of El Vínculo Hispano.